A showreel of demos from published games, including Never Give Up (Massive Monster), 88 Heroes (Bitmap Bureau) and Mystery Joker 6000 (Lucky 31). Also featuring tracks from work-in-progress Space Station Continuum (N-Body Solutions), among music from game jams and study pieces.




I created an audio rework for the advert '5 Gum: Stimulate your Senses'. This was originally a university assignment. I was inspired to pick it up a few years later. Most of the sounds are household items that I recorded myself using my Zoom H4N Handy recorder.

You can read more about my processes and techniques in my blog post coming soon.

Below is an alternate sound solution for an Audi advert which I composed and produced at Bath Spa University.




My TV projects at Bath Spa University range from distinctive and striking accompaniments for channel idents; to catchy intro themes for iconic TV programs. All projects are for pre-existing media, where an alternative sound solution has been made.




I scored a student film trailer for students at Portsmouth University and two alternate solutions to film; one excerpt from Enduring Love and one trailer for independent film 'Worms'.




Rhythmic industrial collages fused with overdriven synths and melodic flourishes. A debut album will be released on the 3rd April 2020.


A collection of synthpop and chiptune. Original songs inbetween planned remixes, covers and mashups from video games. 'Wyvern' is available for free via Bandcamp.


Concept albums, EPs and singles inspired by cartoons, spanning multiple electronic genres. A compilation album called 'The Collection' was released in 2017. Aphylliate is no longer active.



For my Creative Music Technology course, I created three multimedia projects. 'Alchemy' is a music video made with footage of the chemical reactions of food coloring and paint mixed with milk and washing up liquid, processed with different techniques and filters in Aftereffects.

The second is a music video 'A Day in The Life'. Every video clip is a foley sound from daily routines and activities, spliced together rhythmically and melodically to create music.

Lastly, for the media production module, I designed, coded and scored a video game, and created SFX. The gameplay is based off classic shoot-em-ups from the 1990s.

© 2018 by Mike Clark. Proudly created with

Space Station Continuum © 2018 N-Body Solutions. 88 Heroes © 2017 Bitmap Bureau

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