My Trip to EGX Rezzed

This is always what i survive on at these conventions. Don't judge me.

First of all, sorry about the delay with this blog post. I had great fun at EGX 2019 and felt the need to talk all about it.

I first bumped into my lovely friend Edd (@thescreenager on Instagram), a blogger who writes at

I mentioned that i was writing an article on games with unique and intelligent audio and he pointed me towards a few games that i should play for research.

We Were Here Together is a co operative game which has no text chat. Instead it forces you to use walkie talkies (which you have to manually switch on to use) in order to communicate with your teammate to solve puzzles. Leaving you in an abandoned laboratory, you have to decipher signals, control an oscilloscope on a radio reciever to hear a's all very involved and realistic. I of course got talking to Ali Tocher, the audio genius behind Roki, a norwegian folktale inspired adventure puzzle game that actually uses Norwegian voice actors to tell its story and give each character 'emotes'. Using Unity and Fmod, Tocher developed a unique 'emote' system for the game. This calls up audio files that perfectly represent the moods of each character in a way that never feels repetitive or robotic.

Of course, i had to try out some games I wasn't interested in featuring in my magazine article but still caught my eye nonetheless. One of my favorites was Gato Roboto. A Metroidvania monochrome retro adventure with a cat who finds a mech suit on an alien planet, after the crew's ship crash lands. Snappy, responsive gameplay with a kickass, eerie Boards of Canada style soundtrack to boot.

Lastly, I really enjoyed checking out Ape Out. A gritty, beat em up with very poster-edged cel shaded graphics. You play an Ape, out. Beat people up and watch their bloody corpses fly. The art style is so gritty: i was told it's meant to look like an Alfred Hitchcock film. And the soundtrack, which is dynamic to the point of being timed with your every kill, is just....drums!! Nothing but drums!!! Really inspiring stuff.

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