Never Give Up Soundtrack now available on Bandcamp!

Three years ago, the lovely folks at Massive Monster approached me and asked me to do the music for their hardcore action-platformer, Never Give Up. Being published by Armor Games, home to the Flash gaming I grew up with and played whenever i got home from school (or at school if they hadn't banned them on their internet yet), I was very excited to be on board.

It's a spiritual sequel to the quickfire classics 'Give up' and 'Give Up 2' and a nod to the simpler days of platforming, before this obsession with gimmicks and micro-transactions. These games fueled the trend of "Youtube Personality Getting Angry At Games", with Markiplier, PewdiePie and JackSepticEye gaining millions of views.

As if the project couldn't get any more awesome, they hired Arin Hanson aka Egoraptor, king of Getting Angry(TM) to do the voiceover. Every time you die, he'll say something like 'I hate myself' or 'OH DEAR GOD'.

The team at Armor Games have given me permission to release the soundtrack on Bandcamp ahead of the games' release on August 13th! Click below to listen online, and if you like it and want to support me, you can purchase it for just £6!

I had so much fun on this project and learned a lot. It certainly helped me improve my composing skills! Looking forward to writing much more video game music in years to come!

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