The #21daysofVGM Challenge

I've been taking part in the #21daysofVGM challenge on Facebook and Twitter, hosted by the Video Game Music Academy. Created by Dan Hulsman, the Academy provides support and advice for aspiring video game composers. It's a great organisation that I'm sure will help me get more involved in the community and build my network, as well as learn a few tricks. Which is, honestly, what i've been doing throughout this challenge! The rules are simple: write at least 2 bars of video game music for 21 days straight, from the 1st to the 21st of the month. I believe this challenge happens once every season. Every single day I've been inspired to try something new, work as close as i can to example briefs, and learn off others by hearing how they approach the challenge! Trying my best to write anything that pops into my head each day, even as small as a victory fanfare jingle, has vastly improved my work ethic and determination. I now have a much better choice of pieces to develop to put into my demo reels and portfolio. I hope you enjoy listening to the tracks i have composed!

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